Crash to Pass Rules


  1. ONLY Canadian or American made sedans or half ton pickups allowed. Pickup must be two wheel drive and standard cab models. Pickup rear bumpers must be OEM (no heavy duty after market bumpers) No trailer hitches allowed. No Suburbans allowed.
  2. Drivers door must be filled 3/4 full of cured concrete. Within the concrete a metal bar must extend into rear door or quarter.  All doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut. Sturdy bars must be installed from floor to roof (Max. 4” diameter and Min. 2”) andfrom side to side, directly behind driver’s seat (the side to side should be at the driver’s shoulder height for harness mounting). These bars must have minimum 6”X 6” X 1/8” steel plates welded to each end. (or a proper 4 point cage)
  3. All glass, except windshield, and all loose chrome must be removed. There must be a 4”sturdy and secure bar or pipe in the center of the windshield opening.
  4. All upholstery, except front seat, must be removed. Inside and trunk of car must be freeof all broken glass and other garbage! (Vacuumed clean!)
  5. Stock fuel tank must be removed. An outboard tank or better must be mounted in the trunk, on hump over rear end housing. Trunk area must be sealed from driver’s compartment with sheet metal. Use rivets — NO sheet metal screws allowed! P.U.s must mount tank in center front of box. Must be covered. No fuel lines to run through drivers compartment. Pump gas ONLY.Electric fuel pumps allowed, must have a clearly marked  shut off switch.
    ***All Fuel tanks and mountings must be passed by the Tech Committee or car will not race!!
  6. Each pit must have a fully charged fire extinguisher, in plain view. (Put your car number on it
  7. All drivers must wear clean coveralls or drivers suit. Fire retardant Formula
    9 oz Borax
    4 oz Boric Acid
    1 gal Warm WATER

    *Dissolve thoroughly, soak coveralls, and hang to dry.  Repeat after each time clothing is washed or gets wet. Save any unused solution as it may be used over again. *Please wear cotton underneath coveralls.  Absolutely no nylon
  8. All drivers must wear approved helmet, eye protection and a neck brace.
  9. All drivers must have sturdy head rest.
  10. All cars must have a racing style — Removable window net on drivers door window opening NO WIRE MESH OR METAL NETS!!
  11. Suspension must remain stock, but fenders may be cut for tire clearance.
  12. Batteries must be solid and securely mounted in driver’s compartment. Use a marine type box or better, metal box preferred! Boxes must have minimum 4 bolts to floor with large washers through floor pan. All batteries must be covered to prevent splashed (a rubber inner tube works well). Two straps placed over top of box and lid must be used to further secure.
  13. All drivers must be 16 or older. Minimum age to be in the pits is 14. All minors (under 19) must have both parents or guardians sign release form.
  14. All cars must be equipped with four point harness racing seatbelts, coming over both shoulders of driver. One buckle must release all belts. Shoulder belts to be fastened to roll bars. Lap belts may be fastened to stock seatbelt mounts. See diagram last page.
  15. Only 1 person allowed in the car!
  16. All bumpers must be OEM (stock). No heavy duty after market bumpers. No trailer hitches allowed. Use short and heavy chains to weld and bolt the bumpers to the frame.
  17. A drive shaft sling made of strap steel must be installed behind the front “U” joint, within the front 1/3 of the drive shaft. A chain is permitted.
  18. Water cans MUST be painted BLUE.Gas cans MUST be painted RED. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!
  19. One radiator hoop is allowed, but must be no wider than frame rails. Max. 2 inch pipe, 1/8 inch wall thickness with two braces angled back to frame ahead of control arms. Must not extend forward past original grill location. NO OTHER REINFORCEMENTS ALLOWED!!radiator-hoop
  20. Radiators must be drained of antifreeze, no exceptions.  Only water allowed.
  21. Must have a minimum 6” Hole cut in the trunk lid for fire suppression
  22. All persons entering the pits must be properly dressed. Absolutely no shorts or Tank tops allowed. Proper dress means they must be left on until after the last event is run.

****Build a car that is not only safe for you, but also for OTHER drivers. Read the waiver before you sign it, and remember that the track officials have the final say on all issues!!

Figure 1


Floor mount hardware on the ends of the lap belt that attaches your belt assembly to the floor must be mounted in the vertical position. When using this type of hardware for any reason, shoulder harnesses or belts must be mounted vertically.