Running Rules

QARA Running Rules

1. No one is allowed on the track until the following conditions are met:
a) Ambulance is in attendance.
b) Fire equipment must be on hand and ready for use.
c) Tow truck and driver must be ready.
d) Flagman in charge of track traffic.
e) Permission from the pits is granted.
1) Helmets, eye protection and neck braces must be worn.
g) Cars must have been safety checked and passed as listed in the rule book. RE: Car Safety.
2. Only one person from crew of car involved is allowed on track when a race is STOPPED due to an accident. The pit people must wait until all traffic is stopped and safety equipment is on the scene before proceeding to his car. No repairs allowed on the track. Any one doing repairs will lose a lap. Any car entering the pit on RED FLAG OR YELLOW FLAG will start at the back.
3. Cars will get on timed lap. If a car spins out stops or pulls into the pits he may return for one more lap only.
4. Any car spinning out in the first lap will result in a restart. Only one restart per race. Second restart will be in single file.
5. On a restart, the lead car has control of the start.
6. In the event of a stoppage during a race, cars will line up in single file form on back straight according to the last completed lap shown on the lap sheets.
7. No race will be stopped because of an accident unless the, officials deem it necessary.
8. No yellow flags laps shall be considered as counting laps.
9. Cars which miss the green flag may enter the race on a restart, but must start at the back. No new cars allowed after the first lap is completed.
10. Cars must take the green and checked flag to be in the race.
11. Any car stopping due to mishap and not driven immediately to starting position shall be considered as involved in as accident. Starter’s decision is final.
12. Intentional running in the infield, if repeated will result in disqualification from the event. Event to mean one single race not the day’s event.
13. Intentional bumping or nerfing will result in disqualification from the event. The flagman and pit boss together may suspend any given driver for a serious driving infraction, severity of infraction to dictate action taken.
14. Intentional chopping will result in disqualification from the event.
15. Permission must be granted by PIT BOSS and, or STARTER before any practice at intermission.
16. Points are awarded to the car number that is registered at the pit gate for the day’s race. There will be no interchanging of numbers during the day’s program.
17. PROTESTS must be on Protest Form and submitted along with the required amount of cash to the pit boss. Protests are valid only if they are made during the day’s event, or within one-half hour after completion of the day’s program. Any competing driver may protest any other car once per race day, and specify and two (2) items. The Protect Fee is to be forfeited to protested driver if the car is found legal. The fee would be returned to the protester if the car is found to be illegal.
18. PROTESTS On being found guilty of running illegal the offending car will lose all points and monies for that day. On being found guilty of a second offence at any future race during the season, the offending car will lose all points gained to that point in the season, plus any monies and points earned that day may be suspended. Any future offenses will be dealt with as above and suspended
19. No cars to be removed from SPEEDWAY grounds for 30 minutes after completion of the day’s program
20. A car’s timed position will determine that car’s starting position for the dash, heat and, the main.
21. Cars not timed in will start at the rear. No passing points.
22. MAIN EVENTS ONLY: Starters can change starting position for any reason deemed necessary. Decisions are final and not to be disputed. ROOKIES must start at the rear or the pack in the main for the first three race days. They will receive passing points.
23. All cars must be deemed legal by the tech-man before the days events. Tech-man’s decision can only be appealed and possibly overruled by official protest to the Board of Directors.
24. All cars must be self-starting.
25. Only vehicles required to load cars and/or equipment are allowed in the pits after the completion of the races events. All other vehicles are to be kept out of the pits.
26. All cars must have a suitable towing loop, front and rear.
27. Laps will be counted for all races, including powder puff and mechanics races.
28. To qualify for a mechanics or powder puff race, you must not have competitively in a regular race event for one full season.
29. If the protest of a car is upheld, all other cars move up accordingly. The trophy, if awarded, may stay with whoever received it.
30. Any car that breaks the track record is subject to inspection.
31. If the track record is broken more than once in any class on the same day, only the fastest time will be paid the $25.00.
32. If any driver ignores the black flag for 3 laps, the race will be stopped so as to remove the offending car. The driver will be fined.
33. If any driver is unavailable to time in his car, he can make arrangements to have someone else time in his car and race it until he can make it to the track. Upon arrival at the race track, the driver is to inform the pit gate. It is a must that the timing booth be notified that someone other than the driver is timing the car.