Safety Rules

QARA Safety Rules
All safety rules are mandatory and must be obeyed.
The Board of Directors may implement further rules as deemed necessary for safety. Safety Committee has final authority.

1. DOT. Approved Bell type helmet is MANDATORY, as per class. Eye protection must be worn even when windshields are used. All helmets must fit properly.
2. Suits: All drivers must wear fire retardant, long sleeved coveralls or better. Driving suit recommended.

9 oz. Borax
4 oz. Boric Acid
1 gal. Warm Water.

Dissolve thoroughly, dip coveralls, hang to dry. Repeat after each time clothing is washed. Save any unused solution, as it may be used over again.

All coveralls must be clean. Preferably one pair for driving and one pair for working. Please wear cotton underneath. Absolutely no nylon.
3. Mini Stock and Cash to Pass must have a 4 point harness. Belts to be fastened to roll bars where applicable; positively no bolting of harness together and no drilling through harness to use rivets and plates. Five point harness required in all other classes.
4. All Doors must be welded shut. Doors allowed to open must be clamped shut during competition with the exception of four door sedans, which must have back doors welded shut. Door clamps to be made of tin by 5/16 strap iron. They must have a minimum of 5/16 bolt with a wing nut.
5. Any car involved in an accident must be checked by the tech-person, or the back flag person before it will be allowed to run the following race event. All accident damage must be repaired before the next race meet. (fenders, hoods, etc…)
6. No sheet metal screws allowed.
7. All fuel lines to run outside the driver’s compartment. (all classes) Fuel lines must be approved material and must be passed by the tech committee.
8. ALL CLASSES: All batteries if located within the roll cage must be properly secured in a marine type battery box or better.
9. ALL CLASSES: A drive shaft sling made of a strap of steel must be installed behind the front “U” joint, within the front 1/3 of the drive shaft. A chain is permitted.
10. ALL CLASSES: A skid plate is mandatory on the right front lower “A” frame. A use brake shoe is recommended.
11. ALL CLASSES: A safety bar must be securely fastened from the roof to the cowl in the center of the windshield opening. Minimum 1/2” OD.
12. ALL CLASSES: A window net is mandatory on the driver side window. This net must be removable.
13. Water cans MUST be painted BLUE. Gas cans MUST be painted RED. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
14. Must have a dry chemical extinguisher in your pits, labeled with car number.
15. Use of antifreeze is not allowed in any class. $25 fine if car found with antifreeze.
16. ALL CLASSES EXCEPT CRASH TO PASS must have ignition switch removed and a pull-on, push-off type switch installed within easy reach on right hand side of the driver. MUST be clearly labeled “Ignition Switch.”
17. All persons entering the pits must be properly dressed. Absolutely no shorts or tank tops allowed. Proper dress means they must be left on until after the last event is run