Track Rules

QARA Track Rules

1. A current membership card MUST be shown when entering the pit gate. Membership card to be obtained in the city in which you reside. Persons must be 14 or older to be a member and/or to enter the pits. Must be 16 to drive in Street Stock & ASA.
2. Any person in the pits must have a pit pass displayed in a conspicuous place on his person, and must have signed a liability release at the pit gate for that day. Minimum fine is $10.00. Q.A.R.A. recommends that all those entering pit area have medical coverage.
3. Any person admitted to the pits must be properly dressed in CLEAN coveralls or in CLEAN pants and shirt. These must be CLEAN, remember this is a SHOW. Shirts must be left on at all times. POSITIVELY NO SHORTS OR TANK TOPS OR OPEN TOED SHOES (Sandals, Flip Flops) Minimum fine is $10.00…paid before the race. Proper dress means they must be left on until after the last event is run.
4. The track reserves the right to reject any person applying for pit entry, or to refund pit fee, and to eject any person whatsoever from the pits.
5. Any club member permitting the use of his club membership card by anyone other than himself may be barred from the track and/or fined.
6. Anyone under a doctor’s care or on compensation or drawing sick benefits from any source must make his condition known and a decision will be made by track officials as to his admissibility.
7. Anyone acting in any way to the detriment of the track, club, or racing in general, will not be allowed on track property.
8. No pit person or other non-official in the pit area will be allowed on the track, infield, or track exit or entrance during any race.
9. Drivers are to know their own line-up position and are required to keep themselves informed about information posted on the line-up board.
10. Cars will park as directed by the Pit Boss. Tow vehicles and trailers are to be moved from the pits as quickly as possible and parked properly in designated area, clear of roadways.
11. Any car to be unloaded on the track must be unloaded 15 min. prior to designated hot-lapping time.
12. Drivers will alert themselves and read the white board so as to be ready when called upon to line up for their race. If not there when called, they will lose their position, or may be deleted from the entire program for that day.
13. All cars must be backed into their pit stalls. Cars not backed in will be considered under repair and dropped from the lineup. All cars must be lined up in proper position and ready to move out of the pits before the previous event is completed.
14. All cars must have engine displacement on hood of car. All cars must have numbers neatly decaled or painted on the center of both doors and on the center of the roof. All numbers to be 20” high and have a minimum width of 3”. Also must have numbers on right and left upper corners of windshield, if no windshield, on headlights and must be minimum of 4”. All numbers must contrast to body paint. No glitter, chrome, gold, silver of foil numbers or numbers considered to be trick. Numbers must be readable day or night, from the timing booth. Roof numbers to be read from the right hand side.
15. Pit Boss is in charge of all cars while in the pits. Once on the track, they are under the Starters direction until re-entering the pits.
16. Cars entering the pits must proceed directly to their pit stall and not stop in pit driveway, therefore blocking cars in the rear from entering the pits or clearing the track.
17. Cars requiring a tow to be removed from the track must have one man of crew with car to assist tow truck operator and direct him to his pit stall.
18. A car having mechanical trouble or impeding traffic must move to the pit or infield. Any driver who blows an engine or a tire must immediately leave the track surface.
19. Tow trucks are for track use only and will not be required to lift cars for tire changes or repairs. This is the responsibility of the cars pit crew.
20. Speeding or spinning wheels in the pits will not be tolerated and will be considered a serious offence subject to a fine or suspension. Speed limit….MAXIMUM 5 M.P.H.
21. Changes in drivers and sponsors must be reported to the Pit Boss.
22. INTOXICANTS: The use of intoxicants by a driver, car owner, pit man, or track official on the day of a race is strictly forbidden, up to the end of the race meet. Violators will be IMMEDIATELY excluded from the course by track officials. Penalty will be an automatic fine of $25.00 and suspension for two race meets. Drinking in the pits by member(s) or person(s) will cause the person to be taken from the pits IMMEDIATELY. Persons may be employed to assist track officials in enforcing this rule.
23. RESPONSIBILITIES OF DRIVERS: Drivers will be responsible for the conduct and dress of their pit crew, and responsible for and fines incurred. Any fine will be automatically deducted from the cars winnings for the meet and any remaining must be paid before the car races at the next meet.
24. IMPROPER LANGUAGE OR CONDUCT: Any driver, car owner pit person, or any other person on the course who may at any time or at any place use improper language at the meet shall be subject to IMMEDIATE suspension from the pits.
25. ALL PARTICIPANTS must be members and sign in at the pit gate.
26. CAUSING A DISTURBANCE: Any driver, car owner, pit man, or and other person on the course who may at any time or in any place, cause a scene or disturbance before the public may be subject to IMMEDIATE suspension, and/or fined.
27. Anyone going on to the track or across the track during a race meet will be suspended, and his car will lose all points for that day, or will be fined, unless special permission is granted by the PIT BOSS or STARTER.
28. All drivers present are required to attend pit drivers meeting when called. Any driver present in the pits and not attending the meeting will be fined.
29. Anyone using a fire extinguisher must report with the used extinguisher, to the PITT BOSS, so that the used extinguisher may be suitably marked and set aside.
30. Anyone blocking the movement of safety vehicles and tow trucks will be fined $25.00.
31. WORKBEES: Each car must be represented at the minimum number of work parties required for each registered car. The number of work parties required will be determined by the board of Directors from year to year. A minimum of 4 will be required. You can send a pit crew member or spouse. Track chairman will assign times and car numbers, etc. All cars not doing such will lose all points for the year.
32. Any drivers or pit crew harassing volunteer workers will be given a $5.00 fine (to be paid before next race day). Upon receiving the third fine, you will load up your car immediately and leave the racetrack.
33. After three fines, the car will be parked for one race day.